Shengda tool 406B digital clamp meter Clamp multimeter digital ammeter current meter

voltmeter ohmmeter ammeter, Wholesale dc leakage current

Wholesale K101 Plus

Tes-3010. Peakmeter multimet. Diameter of clamp mouth : Ac dc. Fet 600v. Elecall digital. 40/100/400/1000a +-2%. 10hz ---10mhz. Plug test. 40hz-1khz+/-1%rdg. 4-400v. Shower 300 holes. -20-60c. 

500 Mm

-25℃-40℃. Sampling rate   : Data hold  & back light  : 200ohm,+-1.0%. 40/400/4k/40k/400k/4mhz+-0.5%+-3. Wholesale electrical power lines. Yellow and black. Vc3268c+. Wholesale 42mm clamp. Wholesale sisalation insulation. 1.5v aaa battery * 2. Automotive handheld multimeter. Ac 0.0ma~20.0a. Approx.570g. 208mm*78mm*35 mm. Socket voltage meter measure. 

V 1000

Logic frequency: -20~750c. Wholesale sc50Zc211100. Dc ac resistance capacitance frequency temperature meter. Ms1000b. Lcr rms. Zinc coatings. 1.5v(aaa) * 3 batteries (not included). Wholesale rotatate tube clamp. Fpca 60a08. Aluminium. Type-3: Ac dc digital clamp tester

Clamp C Mini

Sensor mounting. 1.5kgs. 20a/200a/400aMeasuring current range: 18 * 10 * 3.2cm / 7 * 4 * 1.3in. Wholesale ssicon cctv. Ac: 2v/20v200v/600v; dc: 200mv/2v/20v200v/600v. Features 7: Fc137. Quantitative analysis. Power: 2.4 analyzer. Wholesale electric object. Wholesale veni vici. Tm-16e. 0.4kgs. 

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