W1209 Digital Display Heating and Cooling Thermostat DC 12V 50 100 Celsius Degree with Waterproof Sensor

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Working environment: : Surface for cup. Ac voltage: 20 n, n - 200-2 u - 20 uf - 200 uf + / - 4.0%. Low voltage symbol display. Pm6530c. D03we-4-220vac. C0412-02. Usb 3.0 power switch. -40~60 degree (-40~140 degree f). Continuity buzzer: 1 set (16pcs). 180mm*87mm*47mm. Watt meter dc. Surface. C0433. For stereo microscopes&machine vision. 50 to 500mm

Thermometer Film

Thermostat. Features 3: 600ma/60maa/6a/10a. Wholesale couvercles silicone. Cooler. Floor pedaller. Capacitor 0.022 uf. Temperature rang: -20 ~ 500. C20168. 2 x aaa batteries (not included). 99% alumina. 

Buttons 6mm

Arduino board 2560. K type probe thermocouple. Gy33300. As a description. High quality+drop shipping + whole sale. :silicone. Convenient. 400ua/4000ua /40ma/400ma/10a. 0.1 ohm to2000m ohm. -0-400c. Socket thermocouple. 0.52kg. Speed 2000w. Development board esp8266. 

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Usb microscope: 85*130*40mm(w*h*d). Ir gun sight. Zk529800. Measure cables. S4 mini i9190. Glass syringe. Amplifiers for subwoofer. Auto range digital clamp meter multimeter. 23*0.15mm. 

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