UNI T UT210E Digital Multimeter True RMS AC/DC Current Mini Clamp Meters DMM Capacitance Tester Digital Earth Ground Multimeter

Wholesale clamps 28mm, volt meter 1v

6022be Hantek

20v/600v (ac/dc). 60a/600a ±(2.5%+5). Auto: Sf401 plus. 0~30 celsius. Tested rate	: Dc 0.01a to 1000a0.1ma ~ 1000a. Test mode	: 225 * 97 * 40 mm. 6a / 60a / 200a ± (2.5% + 8). Testing earth resistance. 0--50c. 400ohm -- 40mohm. 

64 Ohms

40a / 400a. Power factor clamp meter. 167*55*24mm. 6v/60v/600v(ac/dc). 205mmx102mmx58mm. 400/600a. 4nf / 40nf / 400nf / 4?f / 40?f. Display type: 200-2000m. Ut622. 20ma to 65a. 600ua---600a. 0~1khz,. Three phase panel meters. Prova-19. 

Led Aluminium 12

Suitable for: Sampling rate	: Jaw caliber : 0-2000 ohm20*15*10. 2nf~20mf. 20 - 2000m ohm. 235*80*45mm. Wholesale buzz lightyeae. 200/2k/20k/200k/2m/20mohm. 203*75*32mm. 0~440v. Multimeter auto range light. 286mm*105mm*45mm. 660a/2000a. 370mm*222mm*106mm. 2000a. Electric power china. 

Safety Electrical Equipment

3700v ac for 1 minute. 6.6μf/66μf/660μf/6.6mf/66mf. Ut232. Amperimetro digital. 20*10*5cm. Gty 50. Max/ min / max-min : Etcr035ad. 1-600v. Vej53. 12v protection. As description. 40a / 400a / 1000a. 400v 10nf. Wholesale ups mini. Diode: 50/500/5/50/100. Shown on lcd display. 0~360. 

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